How Does this Work?

     Check our New Loan Re-Payment "Guarantee" Option


What does it cost?

We collect the following from your customer, the vehicle owner:

  • $15.00 initial set-up fee 
  • $10.00 handling charge with each weekly payment
  • Customers can pay their balance in full at anytime without any fees or penalties.
  • All of our Deductible Help Plans are 0% interest!

How long does it take to get paid?

  • Loans of $600 or less get paid within 6 months, loans over $600 get paid over 12 months.  The collision shop has the right to specify terms if they so choose.

What if the customer defaults?

  • With our "Guaranteed Payment" Option: Shop can choose to pay 10% of the amount being loaned and payment is guaranteed by Collision Financial Services.  You will not even be made aware that a client has ceased making payments.  You continue to get paid monthly until the loan is paid in full.
  • Without the "Guaranteed Payment" Option, interruptions of on time payment could be experienced and losses incurred.  We find this to more of the exception than the rule. 

We'll never charge any hidden fees – Collision Financial Service has simple and transparent pricing. All fees and costs are included, even credit card processing fees.


How it Works

  • Register your Collision Facility (Click Here)
  • Direct your customer to our site to fill out an application (Click Here)
  • They sign a contract to agree to repay the loan
  • We can provide you with guidance and help you make the decision on customer installment plan approval. 
  • We notify you and your customer of approval by providing a Contract Number.
  • Your customer makes weekly on-line payments via our web portal
  • We transfer the funds monthly electronically to your bank account.

Key Customer Features

  • Deductible Loan Specialists
  • Affordable and Flexible Installment Payment Plans
  • Automatic weekly debit of payments from vehicle owners checking account 
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Easy Enrollment
  • Flexible Payment Term Limits 6 or 12 months @ shop's discretion  
  • Seamless web based functionality from any connected device

Register with C.F.S. - We'd like to send YOUR Bodyshop vehicle owners needing their cars repaired!

What we provide

  • Loan reimbursement "Guarantee" Option
  •  Vehicle Owners needing repairs referred to YOUR shop 
  • A seamless well integrated web based experience
  • Address Verification
  • V.I.N. Verification
  • On-going Credit Reporting with Equifax and TransUnion
  • Web based detailed payment reporting 
  • Management of collection efforts

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