Deductible Help Program Overview

Collision Financial Services offers managed flexible payments plans to  help cover a deductible shortfall.   You can manage this plan  however you like, there are no early payoff penalties or hidden fees.  Collision Financial Services does not report your loan information to the credit bureaus unless the plan falls into arrears.


The registration process is simple. Just click the "Apply Now" button to go to the registration page. On this page we will gather some basic information. Once we compile this information, you will recieve an e-mail containing a link and account credentials for your website portal from which you can finish and submit the application and manage your account throughout the life of the loan.


We process payments weekly at a time and day chosen by you. Your fist payment will be drafted once we recieve you debit card information, then subsequent payments will continue to be drafted weekly until the loan is paid in full. Our plans are 0% interest! We do a $10 Debit Card Processing Fee with each weekly payment.


Deductibles of $600 or less will get a 6 month payoff period with deductibles over $600 getting 12 months to repay. You can payoff your balance at anytime your website portal without incurring any early payoff penalties or fees! You are in control.