Time = Money

The Collision Financial Services Deductible Help Program is a revolutionary service whose time has come!  Like the ancient wizards of kingdoms past trying to turn bronze into gold, we deploy a new kind of alchemy, turning time into money!  By allowing your customers TIME to repay their deductible, you can convert more estimates to jobs and thus make more MONEY!  But keeping up with payment plans is a hassle and risky?  Not anymore, with Collision Financial Services Deductible Help Program, registration, approval, collection, and final payment are all handled seamlessly by us.  Worried about defaults?  Don’t be - if you opt into our Guaranteed Payment Program, you are 100% guaranteed full repayment without any interruptions what so ever!  Register your shop today and start turning your time into money!


Step 1

Once you register with Collision Financial Services, you will be empowered to start converting more estimates using our Deductible Help Program. We provide you with training and literature to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Deductibleloans @ www.collisionfinancialservices.com

Step 2

Direct your customers seeking entrance into the Deductible Help Program to our home page/Vehicle Owner tab. From there they can register and we do the rest! We handle the application process, credit history, collect payments, handle collections, and send you your money!


Step 3

Concerned about writing off bad debt due to defaults? No need to worry, we have a Guaranteed Payment Program that you can opt into for a low premium (10% of the loan amount) that guarantees you get all of your money on time without any interruptions or hassles!