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Each time you have a customer you deem credit worthy, send CFS an email with your customer's name, your business's R.O.# and the exact dollar amount you want to authorize your customer to borrow and the monthly payment you will accept from the CFS Monthly Payment Chart.


STep #3

Send your customer to:

                        Advise them to select the button,                                           "Vehicle Owner Financing Application"                      on our homepage

 We'll ask them for pertinent personal data and provide them with necessary paperwork to electronically sign. We'll also inform the vehicle owner of their monthly payment amount and terms. We will then email you and your customer all signed documents and agreed payment plan details along with a confirmation number. CFS will send your customer statements and begin to collect weekly payments for you and deposit their payments in your account electronically monthly, minus the CFS fee. As well provide you with account balance totals.