Don't Let Your Customers be fooled by Insurance sound bites

Here's where we take the nastiest, hairiest, ugliest myths on one by one. Predict and explain precisely what the insurance company will tell your customer. Listed below are common phrases used by some insurance companies when the vehicle owner selects a shop that is not on some "List". Stop whining and anguishing about common insurance companies tactics. Crush the myths under logic and facts. The world is not flat. Costs have gone up. It's not illegal or unreasonable to expect your business to be profitable. Practice the answers at home in front of your mirror. You will be happy with the results.

Advise your customer as to what their response should be:

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  • "They are not one of our network shops and they are not on our list, we can't guarantee the repairs"

Cut the crap, boys and girls. Facts are facts. All reputable Body Shops offer lifetime Warranty/Guarantees as long as their customer owns the vehicle.


  • "If you use them, we can't get an adjuster out for several days, if you take it to our network shop we will have someone start on it right away"

Sorry to rain on their parade, but this is just another ploy to steer your customer. Most insurance companies are required to send adjusters out within 24 to 48 hours. If you’re customer is the claimant or has rental coverage on their own policy, the insurance company is required to pay for the rental expenses in the interim.


  • ·  "If you use that shop you will have to pay for your rental out of pocket" 

Here's a good dose of logic. This is not true, but some insurance companies will try to force you’re customer into a rental reimbursement, which means they will either try to get you’re customer to pay with a credit card and then reimburse them, or offer to send check for x amount of rental days (tell them to please promptly refuse to do this) . Most companies have direct bill agreements with rental companies, but they do not always disclose that. Always remember as a claimant against a company, that you’re customers also have specific rights that a policyholder may not have.



  • "Claims take longer to settle if you use them" 

They have no shame. Only on rare occasions. The only thing that takes longer is they are sometimes slow to respond and they do not pay non-DRP shops as quickly as they pay their preferred providers.


  • "If they charge more than the prevailing rate, you will have to pay the difference in repair cost"

Amen, brother. Amen. Do you specialize in repair of certain types of vehicles, or have equipment to do specialized types of repairs? Perhaps if you do, you can ignore this attempt at cost containment and charge what you believe the market will bear - what your customers might be willing to pay out of their own pockets - for repair of those vehicles or utilization of that equipment. Certainly with regard to mechanical repairs, car owners are willing to shell out more money to repair a high end vehicle. Most owners of high end or new vehicles will be willing to pay something out of their own pockets if they believe that they are getting a better quality repair.


Emphasize that your body shop just wants to fix the cars the "right" way, not the way that the insurers want them to. There are shops that already charge their customers for amounts that insurers will not agree to. These shops bank on getting customers who want higher quality, safer repairs for their cars than their insurers typically allow. With the right marketing that attracts the right customers, ignoring cost containment (at least to some degree) is working for some body shops.

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These are just a few of the word tracks used to manipulate the customer into using a specific repair facility.

  • How they will use aftermarket and used parts
  • Explain how the "Prevailing Rate" does not allow a fair profit
  • How they will attempt to convince them to choose a DRP shop
  • How they will trash-talk your shop
  • How they refuse to pay any mark-up on sublet charges
  • Tell your customer; be careful it's your vehicle, your investment; you have the right to make the choice on who repairs your vehicle.