The Art of Battling Giants

Tired of battling those big old Goliath-sized insurance company giants?
Sometimes things we always believed turn out to be wrong. Malcolm Gladwell,
who wrote the book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants says, “That’s true all the time.” There are things we have become convinced are true. That just aren’t. Like a Brontosaurus. In fact, a Brontosarus never walked the earth. It was a actually a Apatosaurus. More relevant today to collision repairers, there is no such thing as a “prevailing” rate. It’s a myth.
Malcolm Gladwell has spent some time recently on this topic. As I stated, he wrote an entire book about David and Goliath. Like me, you may have not always paid attention in Sunday School and still envision David versus Goliath as the story of a weak shepherd defeating a mighty warrior. However, it turns out that's not what the story is about at all. In the interest of stopping you from continuing to make bad business decisions, let's explore a corrected version of the story, and what it really means:
Goliath couldn't see well
While large, Goliath was almost powerless
David was ready, confident and deadly
Another lesson to learn is not the simple one, that when a powerful competitor takes on a smaller one, the smaller one might nevertheless win. The commonly accepted metaphor is, what person alive doesn’t have problems that are so huge, it’s like facing a Goliath and all you have is a sling-shot? Malcolm Gladwell states, Goliath was actually a sitting duck and giants are not as strong and powerful as they seem. Often they are over-confident, lumbering and slow to react. Sound like any insurance companies you have to deal with everyday? In another highly competitive arena, do think Microsoft is the only software company in the world? No! Lots of other software companies compete in that market very well. Collision centers and bodyshops while smaller, can be a very hungry, nimble opponent to our adversaries. If the bodyshop owners arm themselves with a new weapon to use against them. No not a sling-shot! Go to battle and win using, “in-house” installment loans managed through Collision Financial Services. Truthfully, we are losing because we as an industry, have gotten tired of the fight. Or worse, we’ve become lazy. We have become willing to mostly accept whatever insurance companies offer us. Instead, understand that the real keys to battle are sometimes obscured by our misconceptions. Beginning to perceive them correctly can amount to a Goliath-sized advantage. Did you know that odds are, most of your customers don’t have their $1000 deductible in savings? Use this fact to offer them a no credit check, “in-house” deductible loan with Roll a fair and profitable labor rate differences and the C.F.S. 6% charge for handling the billing, statements into the customer’s loan. They will be glad to pay it!
Would you like to hear Malcolm Gladwell talking more about the unheard story of David & Goliath? Watch it here: