What Do You Hate Most?


That's an easy question to answer. Change. It's the one thing all people tend to hate the most.

Change is the one thing in life most bitterly opposed by nearly all people.
However, opposing change is one of the leading causes of failure. Opposing change causes:
Lack of growth
Blind opposition to change, is a leading cause of failure. To succeed in the collision business you not only must be willing and adaptable to change, but you must have the foresight to anticipate when to change.
If you don't anticipate change, adapt to it, even embrace it, your bodyshop will be left behind, and will eventually fail.
Time to Change

Collision Centers and bodyshops must change rapidly. If your shop doesn't stay within one step of changing technology, adapt to new consumer buying habits and recognize new marketing approaches readily and quickly, you can't succeed.

sales. Twenty years ago, no one predicted that the bulk of our business and commerce would happen via DRP relationshops. Even as little as five years ago, few people anticipated the accelerated number of MSO’s now generating huge sales numbers. Yet, despite all that, most collision repair managers and owners are still doing what their predecessors did forty years ago, and beyond: Writing estimates, hoping to get the repair and making estimate call-backs.
Sure, it'll get you an repair appointment here and there. If you're very good at it, you might even make enough sales to make your sales and keep your job or shop open another month.
But you'll never, never attain really huge sales success. All that will happen is that you'll get fewer and fewer sales as time goes on and more and more people are directed to the preferred DRP relationshops.
So do this right now: Resolve to change forever. Accept once and for all that the time for change has come. And it's time to adapt to the new business world before time runs out for you!
If you want to explode your sales - if you're ready to kick the boring, negative, time-wasting activity of just writing estimates and watching a high percent of those potential customers drive out of your life, start using “in-house” installment plans. Register your bodyshop or collision center with Collision Financial Services @