Make More Body Shop Sales Secret!

Body Shop Deductible Loans @

Does it seem if your shop is “locked out” of the DRP club?

Or worse,
your bodyshop is “in” the DRP club and you’re just getting by?
Keep your mind open to new ideas. Collision Financial Services has developed a new strategy that will generate new and profitable sales
for your collision center.
How? By offering your customers “in-house” financing managed by Collision Financial Services
Why? Because most people do not have the cash or resources readily available to pay their $1000 deductible.
Don’t believe me?
A very recent USA Today article was entitled,
“Two Thirds of Americans Would Struggle to Cover $1000 Crisis”.
The article states that, “these difficulties span all incomes and that three-quarters of people in households making less than $50,000 a year and two-thirds of those making between $50,000 and $100,000 would have difficulty coming up with $1,000 to cover an unexpected bill. Even for the country’s wealthiest 20 percent — households making more than $100,000 a year — 38 percent say they would have at least some difficulty coming up with $1,000.”
So before you read this and write me off as some kind of a nut, imagine if you register your shop today @ and by implementing this new strategy your sales starting to explode at a never before seen astonishing rate. Have you ever seen a 80% estimate closing rate at your bodyshop? Imagine, that in your market, that for a time, you are the only shop offering deductible loans? On top of your regular walk-in traffic, what could simply marketing this new C.F. S. system that answers so much of your customer’s problems generate in additional sales? Even while you sleep.
So what, that this concept is something altogether different and outside the box? Ask yourself: Are you keeping your mind open to new
Most people who fail miserably, do so by closing their minds to new ideas.
Guess what? There's nothing new about the fact that estimate callbacks annoy people, it's almost a dead process that fails at a high rate to generate repair commitments.
When it comes to the collision center sales world, shops fail for two reasons:
Because they have gotten DRP lazy
Because they don't accept new ideas.
Do you want a never-ending supply of customers coming in, people who don't just want estimates, but are ready, willing and wanting their vehicles repaired? Who want to commit right now? Most also will make great long-term customers and referral customers. If you’ve been wondering how to get them, now you know: Register your shop @ and start offering deductible financing.