Sell More and Grow - Flat Broke

That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Well, I hate to break the news, but it's true. What most people fail to realize is that day after day, they're going out and selling more and growing poor.

The problem lies with that one word - SELL.
What does selling really mean?
Selling: Efforts to convince others they want or need your services despite the fact that they may not. The purchaser typically leaves the transaction with a strong feeling of being dirty and a need to take a shower.
Buying: Willingly acquiring for money something that wanted or needed. After, the purchaser generally leaves the transaction feeling happy and satisfied.
See the difference?
Very few bodyshops understand how to get vehicle owners to buy from them. Instead, they grind day after day, try to play the insurance DRP game, attempt to write compliant estimates, charge the “mythical” prevailing rate, hear objection after objection and no after no, never realizing that if they'd just start a true sales process from a position where the customer wants to buy, rather than trying to sell people, they'd make a lot more sales. With less time, less stress and be more profitable to boot.
Most collision centers owners and managers don't understand this concept, because of the years of conditioning insurance programs that many companies have put them through. And odds are, the vehicle owner does not have the cash to pay their $1000 deductible.
These are the reasons why so many are not as successful as they could and should be.
A problem with estimate callbacks, is that it puts your estimators in a selling situation right from the start. The most successful bodyshops and collision centers, are the ones who set up buying situations from the start. Before the vehicle owner ever leaves their shop and who don't annoy and push people away with annoying selling tactics.
So, if you want to know how to rapidly increase your sales and charge profitable labor rates the answer is simple: Stop selling to people, and begin creating a environment where vehicle owners are buying from you instead.The first place to begin is register your bodyshop or collision center at and start offering “in-house” installment loans.
I suggest that you roll the amount of profitable labor rate differences and the C.F.S 6% fee into your customer’s C.F.S. no credit check loans. They will be glad to pay it! Who’d believe that getting a higher labor rate could be this easy? For more answers, such as how to determine your shop’s fair and profitable labor rates at no cost, and collect it, email us