How to Easily Raise Your Labor Rates

That’s right, I just stated, “How to Easily Raise Your Labor Rates.”

Admit it, you just see no way I can help you make that happen right? You’ve been stuck working at the “mythical’ prevailing rate for years haven’t you?
Before I do, let me ask a few more questions, because you essentially gave up on this idea years ago, do you even KNOW what your labor SHOULD be today? A profitable one, that accounts for ALL your costs and allows you to make at least a 60% GP on every labor dollar? If you don’t, then i would strongly recommend that you because what I’m going to share with you will work. Now if in your despair, you have made contractual DRP agreements to only for their “mythical” labor rates, then this method will not apply. But, even if thats the case, for 1 or 2 of your business insurance “Partners” (guess what? They are not) then you can the following process will still work with the rest of your business.
Step#1) Determine what your labor rates should be with you making a fair and reasonable profit of your choosing. Don’t know how? Email us @ and request a FREE Labor Rate Analysis Tool. We’ll be glad to email it to you.
Step#2) Post the rate increase. You can always come back dow to the current rate right?
Now that you are ready here’s why this idea will work much easier and better when you have tried to raise your rates in the past…Offer to give your customer something they will value so much they will be GLAD to pay your rate increase!
Whats that? Do you know that most of your customers do not have their deductible amounts sitting in a bank in reserve in case of an accident happens? Don't believe me? Go check out this recent USA article: Poll: Two-thirds of Americans would struggle to cover $1,000 crisis
I going to repeat this: Most of your customers don’t have the money to pay their deductibles. So here’s where you add the secret sauce: Offer your customers “in-house” installment loans using Collision Financial Services. Zero Interest to the customer. No credit checks. To manage the billing, statements and funds electronically deposited in your bodyshop’s bank account C.F.S. only charges you 6%. Share this information with your customer. Nothing in life is really free, is it? Advise them you will be willing to extend them this favor, but you will have to add the real dollar labor rate differences and roll the 6% amount into the loan total. Most will happily pay the new amount. You just put you shop back on the road to profits. You didn’t have to argue with the insurance company or lose a customer. As a matter of fact, offer “in-house” installment loans if you want to see your business sales finally take off!
If you’re ready for a fresh, powerful idea that works, register your bodyshop right now @