What the Hell Where We Thinking?

Body Shop Deductible Loans @ www.collisionfinancialservices.com

Our old idea to charge body shops for “in-house” deductible loans was bad, Collision Financial Services is an organization that listens to its customers, and our new pricing approach is awesome. That simple…the interest on deductible loans is now charged to the vehicle owner.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect to new Collision Financial Services billing change is the way C.F.S. has decided to handle its marketing. We could have easily gone the way of many other companies and merely pushed a basic advertising campaign that promoted “new and improved” idea. However, we decided not to spin the matter around and, instead of just promoting our new vehicle owner focused financing, we also wish to apologize profusely to our customers and admit that our old original idea of charging bodyshops and collision centers for deductible loans was awful.
Some might consider this a risky move, as it involves the company admitting its past failure in a blunt manner, which is something most companies rarely ever do. After listening to our customers, hardworking, bodyshop folks like you, C.F.S. is now rolling out a new and improved recipe for your success.
Remember, a very recent USA Today article entitled,
“Two Thirds of Americans Would Struggle to Cover $1000 Crisis”.
The article states, “these difficulties span all incomes and that three-quarters of people in households making less than $50,000 a year and two-thirds of those making between $50,000 and $100,000 would have difficulty coming up with $1,000 to cover an unexpected bill. Even for the country’s wealthiest 20 percent — households making more than $100,000 a year — 38 percent say they would have at least some difficulty coming up with $1,000.”
What’s the most common deductible these days? Thats right: $1000.
The Formula to Increase Your Bodyshop Sales?
Offer “in-house” deductible loans.
Collision Financial Services can manage these loans for you.
Here’s the easy part: Register your shop today, find
out more answers @ www.collisionfinancialservices.com which
covers, in step-by-step detail, techniques to begin using immediately, at no cost, to start generating more sales and higher profits from the estimates you are writing right now. People who want to buy right now.

Collision Financial Services actively wants to engage and encourage it’s customers by documenting body shop responses to their increased bodyshop business sales by offering deductible loans. We invite you to write our C.F.S blog and encourage you to provide your honest, unedited comments, which are then shown directly on the Collision Financial Services website.