Stop Allowing Yourself to be a Hostage to Success

Body shop deductible loans

Stop asking your estimators to lie to vehicle owners. Seriously.

Because if they are just selling, they are never really being honest with your potential customers.

Here’e the rub, I sell too, so what am I talking about?

The collision business is not easy. That’s a fact. Another fact is, the only way to really be ethical in sales is to only sell to people who are completely, no ifs and no buts a 100% fit for your collision center. No exceptions.

Guess what?

Vehicle owners who are qualified, already want your bodyshop to repair their vehicle. So you don’t have to sell them. They are already sold.
you don't have to sell them. They're ready to buy right now.

So who do you keep trying to sell? You may have guessed it. The rest of the vehicle owners that need repairs out there, who are not yet a 100% perfect fit.

So selling is bad, selling is an uphill battle of trying to convince someone that they should have something they really don't want or need.
All you’ll encounter is resistance, objections, not to mention, all those people who lead your estimator’s on because they are too afraid to say "no" and then never return any of your estimator’s calls or emails.

Here’s my last fact:

When people need something from a bodyshop business, they know it. Nobody needs to sell it to them. When they want something, they know it, and don't need to be sold. Sure, there might be some price negotiation or they more than likely do not know how they are going to pay their deductible. That’s it. The next time a vehicle owner seems to be playing games, throwing out hollow objections or not returning your estimator’s calls, you should consider that maybe you were not altogether honest with yourself in even considering them to be a good prospect in the first place. Until you solve their problem. No deductible cash. Use “in-house” deductible loans managed by Collision Financial Services. Register your shop today @