The Problem with More Body Shop Estimate Callbacks

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I know you’ve said that a thousand times. Maybe even more. Every time sales are down

or you’re not meeting the budget for the month. It’s what 99% of the old-school bodyshop managers and collision center owners in the world say to their estimators.
“Are you making your estimate callbacks? Within 24 hrs? And then again within 72 hrs? Make More Callbacks!”
As if doing something that isn’t working well already will suddenly and magically work if they just do more of it.
The sad reality is that you really haven’t known what else to advise. Quite a few collision managers and even collision center owners never succeeded in sales themselves. If they did, it’s usually because they stayed compliant as low-profit DRP relationshops. Sure, they missed out on profits. But if they could just fix all those cars the insurance companies promise to send, and keep the good techs from leaving for your local MSO shops…
Sales is not a numbers game. The make more callbacks, because it’s just a big numbers game is a not true.
Here’s a hard truth: American’s are horrible at saving any money. So when the need arises to pay their $1000 deductible, most simply don't have it. So, win the “game” by using a new strategy. “In-house” deductible financing. Let Collision Financial Services manage your billing, statements and deposit dollars into your account electronically each month.
Why let vehicle owners leave your shop who need their vehicle repaired and hope that by calling them back later, you can convince them to commit to letting you repair their vehicle? Their needs are more than having the vehicle repaired. They also need to determine how they are going to pay for the repairs. Fill that need and offer deductible loans through Collision Financial Services. Thats where you can win big and turbo-boost your sales.
So, you’re estimators are making 20 or 30 estimate callbacks a day. I’d bet they are getting less than 20% success from it. Why make more callbacks? Would it not make more sense to gain many more commitments before they leave your bodyshop?
Have you ever heard, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again but expecting different results? If so, many old-school bodyshop managers and collision center owners belong in state psychopathic hospitals.
So if increasing estimate callbacks, won’t really ever solve the problem, then what will? Don’t increase a low success activity. Change the activity. Change it to something that works.
Offer your customers deductible financing using Collision Financial Services to manage the entire process. It will generate a endless supply of new customers without the low success of estimate callbacks.
If you roll C.F.S. the 6% amount into the cost of your customer’s loan, It won't cost you a thing. It’s that easy. They will be glad to pay it! So register your Collision Center right now: