Are Your Estimators AFRAID of Success?

Estimators, frequently program their minds, without even knowing it, to only make their quota every month.

That’s right only their quota. When having a good month they'll coast and pretty much stop working once that magic number is achieved. In bad months they'll work extra hard to hit their number and stay employed for at least another month.
To make matters even worse, most estimators are taught while training to do two things that I really hate:

  1. Be over-responsive and run out to write a FREE estimate with any customer that drives up and asks for one, without first doing a good job at trying to qualify the customer.
  2. Become DRP Order-takers. I HATE what I currently see in the collision industry because while it produces the highest percentage success rate of all our sales activities, it also produces the lowest profits possible for your business and keeps your technicians working for the “mythical” prevailing rate.
    Bottom line: Once people are subconsciously programmed and are set in their ways, they become AFRAID to try something new. Even to ideas that might actually work much better than what they're doing now. In other words, they're AFRAID of success!

How To Really Succeed At Sales
If you want your bodyshop or collision center to become huge and more successful, there are a couple of key points to keep in mind to achieve those goals:
Take your sales goal whatever it is, and double it. Not to put more pressure on your employees, but instead re-program a new goal into their minds. You'll find that with regular practice of using this type of auto-suggestion, or even repeating to yourself either aloud, and in your company meetings, "We will double our sales," soon your bodyshop will start doing it as if by magic. The same way most estimators somehow hit their current quota, and only their sales quota, every month.
2) Make sure you are only dealing with vehicle owners who are fully qualified, who
have a current need for your shop’s services, and who want to buy. Don’t write
estimates all day for everyone who drives up and then wonder why you're getting
pathetic results.

How to Make This Happen?
Simple: We all know, ”Money doesn't grow on trees," however the insurance industry has programed bodyshops and collision centers to accept marginal profits and even teeter on failure to protect insurance profits. Not yours. They have programed shops to believe that money is hard to get. Here’s the simple solution to decrease the need to pursue estimate call-backs and yet still increase shop sales: Offer “in-house” deductible loans. Collision Financial Services can manage these loans for you.
Here’s the easy part: Register your shop today, find out more answers @
You’ll find, in step-by-step detail, dozens of techniques to begin using immediately, at no cost, to start generating more sales and higher profits from the estimates you are writing right now. From people who want to buy right now.