Always be Yourself - Unless You Can be Captain Kirk


Are your estimators working almost 100% of their time writing insurance DRP compliant estimates? You know, the ones that are never cheap enough, that always have too many OEM parts being used instead of minimal repair times?

The ones that forces you to pay your technicians a wage that has not kept up with inflation and then demand them to perform at very high proficient rate to keep the whole thing working? Maybe you actually run enough volume to make a good living. That methodology seems works for MSO’s right?
I’m going to suggest that for many successful and profitable collision centers, that is now becoming a very outdated, old-time business practice. Some bodyshops have perfected Collision Financial Services next-generation methods. A more intelligent system that, will work almost on autopilot and create more customers for your bodyshop. Then allow your estimators to spend more of their time closing sales from people who are ready to commit to having their vehicle repaired at your shop.

Now in fairness, your estimators may be good salesmen. Would you like to help them become, great ones?

You may have been in the same business, in the same city, for 25+ years. In that time, preformed excellent collision repair services, as all successful bodyshops do. As a result, is your bodyshop provided with plenty of referrals? More than your shop can handle and do your estimators get to pick and choose the best ones? Then send other local bodyhops your less profitable leftovers to struggle with?

Maybe you started your collision career in a different time, before the internet, and before DRP’s and MSO’s complicated sales. Back when deductibles were only $100 or $250? Back when William Shatner was James T. Kirk? Not like the $1000 deductibles common and rampant today.

I've mentioned in previous emails, according to a recent USA Today article, most people at all income levels do not have $1000 set aside for an emergency.

Most collision industry old-timer’s don't understand that. A few lucky ones, due to a huge book of business, with their property already paid for, not competing with MSO’s or heavy reliant local DRP relationshops haven't had to worry about enough work in over a decade, and actually have no idea how difficult, if not impossible it can be to stay profitable in the collision industry.

Imagine a travel agent from the past catapulted through time, only to discover in our current reality, travel agents are obsolete. They find that William Shatner, was no longer the captain of the Starship Enterprise, but just a cheesy salesperson for an
online travel site.

When your estimators are in front of someone who is pre-disposed, ready, willing, and able to commit to getting their vehicle repaired from your bodyshop, one can no longer prosper in an older reality of using estimate callbacks to gain more repair commitments. A far more intelligent and reliable method is needed. Register your shop today at: Offer your customers “in-house” loans. Roll the increased labor rates and C.F.S. 6% charge into their repair or deductible loan. They will be glad to pay it. Live long and prosper.