Bodyshop Sales Failure = LAZINESS

Bodyshop sales failure is often a sign of laziness. I said it but what do I mean?

Go way back to when you started your own business. You were ambitious, you strove to be a successful business owner, got off your butt, left the safety and security of the job you held, and got started. Sometimes with little or nothing but blind-faith. It’s been said, “Having a job is a sign of laziness.” Taken in context there is truth to that. Moreover, we in the collision industry typically work within our own historical contexts. Typically these situations have been made for us by the third parties that mostly successfully controls our rates. We have been conditioned to accept them.

Umpteen bodyshop owners and managers have no real desire to improve. You and I have met people who have allowed the current “system” to work and have become well off, while building large collision shops that are totally organized, and employ a large number of staff and technicians who through hard work make enough under their existing market conditions to feed and clothe their families. These bodyshops receive a large volume of business with minimal profits, despite their estimators sometimes creating zero sales on their own for a year or longer. They keep their doors open by being very compliant and striving to keep “big brother” happy job by job.

Others talk the talk, point fingers and wish to improve, however, you and I both know, talking, pointing and wishing doesn’t accomplish much. This type of individual will very rarely walk the walk when it comes to implementing needed change and working to improve their sales.

Lastly, there are collision and bodyshop owners and managers who either understand that there has to be a better way to manage their business than what we’ve mostly encountered to date or find themselves effectively, “locked out” of their local DRP relationshop dynamics. “They never let poor Rudolph join in any of the reindeer games.” If you can relate to that verse, you know who you are and why. You're are making a conscious effort to continually learn and improve. They compass the spectrum from brand-new smaller bodyshop owners who have no idea exactly where to begin, but who burn with a desire to succeed and will make the effort to do so, all the way to some very elite top collision center owners who have big sales figures every year but see very little net profit. It’s safe to assume that you’re in this last category. If not, why you would bother to read this far?
My Best Sales Secret for More Sales
This one is simple: Start acting like a good, caring business owner. If you observe the very best estimators, you'll notice that they don't act like automated DRP order takers or worse, sales people. They've learned to be personable, and to talk to vehicle owners like they would an old friend. And guess what? This puts the person needing their car repaired at ease and makes him or her feel like an old friend. Once that happens, quite often, they will admit that they have no idea how or where they’ll get the money together to pay their deductible.
I recently heard another leading sales expert say, “Start doing estimate call-backs at 7am everyday.” He stated that as excellent advice to build your business and create more sales. Of course, I can already hear someone suggest: “7:00 am! Maybe that’s why I haven't been able to reach those people!” You mean the ones who never made a repair commitment at your shop? Let me know how that works…
There are lots of answers to the problems of not enough sales and not enough profit.
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