Are Your Estimators Just Irritating Customers?

Myths never seem to die, do they?

I heard someone suggest that the best time to for estimators to make their estimate call-backs to vehicle owners, is before & after work hours or even during the estimator’s lunch hour, which might be their only free time.


Stop the madness.

You see, the only owners willing to answer at home or work
during all those odd hours probably were just out shopping for 3
estimates, or they don’t have their deductible saved to pay from you. The idea of calling at lunchtime really made me laugh, because I watched an estimator waste his time and do just that, while eating at a fast food restaurant.

Smarter bodyshop owners

are letting their employees run the
show during normal work hours by having registered with Collision Financial Services and using “in-house” loans. Taking this simple step
can help you increase your closing to 80+ of estimates written. Let your estimators get the customer over that indecision hump, by offering “in-house” installment plans through Collision Financial Services. Remember, the worst that can happen is nothing. Since next to nothing is the usual result anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. So get out there and try something new and different. If you’re ready for a fresh, powerful idea that works, register your bodyshop right now @