You Can Lead Some People to Knowledge - But You Can’t make Them Think!

Let stupid people stay stupid.
The collision business is largely a big cat & mouse game with insurance companies. They’re always staying one step ahead of us. Part of their strategy is to condition the consumers and us as business owners. They use smoke & mirrors to try and throw companies off a profitable track, and then confuse them with numbers. Even some numbers that should only be important to them. Not bodyshops. For example, every time a dashboard score moves, a certain segment of the entire collision world goes into a frenzy. Meanwhile, other successful collision shops ignore the hyperbole and keep doing what works, and continue to profit.

But being a DRP shop works!

Typically, those shops are not open to a conversation. I’ve found it’s pointless for C.F.S. to attempt to show them the high cost of their current business tactics and how much more they'd make if they were to charge a truly profitable rate instead of accepting the mythical “prevailing” rate. Much less, recoup all that time spent doing estimate callbacks and instead spend it face-to-face closing sales with vehicle owners instead.

These bodyshop owners can be dramatically and emotionally attached to their status quo. They won't give it up even though they're making mediocre numbers at best, and they won't accept that it's a moth-eaten method. Even though the numbers don't lie.

Let me make those guys really angry...
Let me suggest that they go on, being a estimate writing, order taking, DRP relationshop who never really fully appeases their insurance idols. Because it means more profitable, easier sales for the rest of you who use to use your brains and work more intelligently. I might as well say their baby is ugly. Seriously. Some collision shop owners can be so close-minded that I often wonder, did they ever know they were in sales?

It's true. Just leave easy estimate conversions to repair orders to the rest of us. Numbers don't lie, here are some to consider:
80/20 rule: DRP shops and estimators doing their call backs are fighting each other for a % while the rest of us can have easy access to larger %. How? Via more intelligent self-marketing strategies and tactics. A huge portion of vehicle owners needing their vehicle’s repaired today, do not have have their deductibles saved in reserve. They walk in your door everyday asking for a estimate. But needing their car repaired and cash problem solved. If you have the answer to ALL their problems, these people are very easy to close and there's usually no competition, since most or all of your competitors are still only talking about their life-time warranty.

And what are those strategies and techniques to reach those vehicle owners? The ones who need your services? I spent a lot of time asking those questions. I invested many years of trial-and-error along with spending time with the most profitable collision shops I could find. Use “In-house” deductible loans. Managed for your shop by
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