How To Avoid Problem Customers: FIRE THEM!

Such a simple way to avoid this headache: If you have any customers who are being unreasonable odds are they will also be unprofitable.

Imagine for a moment how great you would feel the very first time you could afford to do that. It can be one of the most liberating business experiences you'll ever have!
Here why: When you're successful, you don't NEED anyone's business. Of course you want it, and you'll work to get it, but you'll never tolerate any kind of rudeness or disrespect. You don't deserve it, and it will only ruin your attitude for the rest of the day and probably cost you sales.
Have you heard of the “Velvet Rope Policy?” Using it, you pick and choose the customers you want, and you fire the ones who don't respect you or don't meet your standards.
The Secret to Only GREAT Customers:
Before you can fire any problem customers, you need to have enough good ones already, along with plenty of potential customers walking in your door.
In fact, the reason most estimators wind up stuck with problem customers in the first place is because they don't have enough business to begin with, and the bodyshops come across as desperate. Jerks and those few car owners who are serial bad reviewers on Google+ and Yelp can smell desperation a mile away, and will buy from you knowing they can push your estimator around and get whatever they demand down the line, no matter how unfair or unreasonable it might be.
However, if you're NOT desperate, not only will the problem customers avoid YOU, but you can FIRE them at will with no fear!
The way to do that is clear. You have a never-ending supply of customers coming in, people who are ready, willing and wanting estimates. They want to commit right now. Most also will make great long-term customers and good referral customers.
If you're wondering how to get them, that's the easy part: Register your shop @ and start offering collision repair or deductible financing.