How To Get Commitments to Repair – Right Now!

Deductible collision repair loans.

The secret to getting customers to commit to getting their vehicle repaired at your collision center, instead of playing an endless chase of estimate call-backs, is very simple:

Give value first, before expecting or even trying to get a sale. When you GIVE before you attempt to GET, you differentiate yourself so much from everyone else in the collision industry that people will want to do business with you, because you offer values that separate you from the pack. Does offering Lifetime Warranties still do that? Once you do, objections go out the window. Even price won’t matter! No discounts. No saved deductibles.
No matter how much value you give, if you’re not working with a qualified customer, they’re not going to buy, no matter what. Qualified? Do they have the cash to pay their deductible? You need to spend all of your time with customers who are either fully qualified and ready, willing, and able to buy right now or offer them a “in-house” loan through Collision Financial Services.
Start generating more sales and higher profits from the estimates you are writing right now. People who want to buy right now.
Here’s my 1st BIG tip: You can enjoy all the benefits of being a C.F.S. collision center for free. C.F.S. charges 6% to manage the loans for you.
Simply roll the 6% into your customer’s you deem need a “in-house loan to commit to repair.
Now that I’ve explained how to write Repair Orders, not just estimates, register your shop today @ htttps://