The #1 Reason Most Estimators Fail

Most estimators have been handicapped by your current “recipe for success”. Most bodyshops seem to go through life absolutely refusing to ever do anything different at all.

Since the collision repair business is an extremely competitive field, one that is very difficult for most business owners, you'd think that they would be looking for innovative new ways to increase sales and become more profitable. But sadly, its not so.
Inaction is a Curse
The standard routine is, people make excuses as to why it there sales are so pathetic, why their labor rate is low, why they can’t find quality techs and lots of other finger-pointing about why nothing has been changed to the better yet.
We started talking with collision centers about some things that could be done differently to effectively allow their shops to almost double sales. There were lots of lazy excuses such as, the guy you’d need to speak with is on vacation…and maybe call again next week... The irony here is that the bodyshops will prosper much more than C.F.S. will as a result of these changes. However, quite often, trying to get them off their duffs to do anything new and different is rather difficult to do.
And on and on and on. It never ends. Seeing how most collision businesses continue to operate, is to me, the number one reason for the condition we as an industry find ourselves today. It's not insurance companies or high taxes, the lack of technicians or our politicians. Or anything else. It’s our own fault. Frustration, conditioning, laziness on our part? Take your pick.
Wasted and Lost Opportunities
The bottom line is, that if you don't take some new action in your life, the best advice in the world cannot help you.
There is a reason I suggest you register your bodyshop at Now. Today. At our website we explain, in detail, how to increase your collision center’s sales, increase your labor rate. That's what it takes. But above all, take action and register your shop at Collision Financial Services to ever make any real positive changes.
Most bodyshop owners go through their usual daily routine without putting anything new into action. If that is you, then you are facing a long, difficult career. Consisting of slogging day after day with dismal results and endless pressure to really improve business performance. Not to mention all the new SOP’s, process improvements, DRP reviews, KPI performance improvement plans and other forms of hell you will put yourself through.
The bottom line is, that if you're going to see my advice but do nothing with the advice and go back to your old routine, then C.F.S. cannot help you. However, if you're the kind of person who puts good advice into action, then do this right now: Register your bodyshop or collision center at immediately. Once you start using “in-house” installment loans, you'll experience the results you've always wanted.
Do it right now. Registering your bodyshop will take just a few minutes, and then start putting a new winning approach to use immediately.