Why are my Estimators not Good Enough at Sales?


A business can no longer afford to throw darts at a board by relying on multiple estimate callbacks and hope to increase estimate to repair order ratios enough to make a good living.

Additionally, most people are no longer very tolerant of that method. Today, it is now crucial to recognize four new categories of capturing collision business:

Vehicle owners who will not have their vehicle repaired at your shop, no matter what.
Vehicle owners who want to have their vehicles repaired at your shop because the insurance company said so.

Vehicle owners on the fence, who may or may not have their vehicle repaired at your shop.

Vehicle owners who would commit to repairs right now - if they just had the funds in reserve to either make their deductible or pay for their repairs

Group #1 isn't so bad. Because they'll tell you, “No” upfront. Unless you're hard-headed or simply stupid, you'll continue on to someone else. A leading sales expert once said, that the single best thing he ever did for his sales career was to abandon prospects after they said "No" twice, instead of just chasing after them forever. He stated there are just too many good prospects out there to waste time chasing bad ones. Maybe that once was true.
Group #2 can be a ticking time bomb in your business as your insurance “partner” becomes ever more demanding of your employees and continues squeezing the profits from you one drop at a time.
Group #3 are a disaster and can be the leading cause of failure in your estimator’s sales. These people never make a decision to say either "yes" or "no" and will string
your estimators along forever. Additionally, with these people, the more aggressive tactics used, the less likely they will ever commit to allowing your shop to do the repairs. They're the ones who will waste your estimator’s time in multiple estimate callbacks, saying they’re interested, then never schedule a repair, return another call or email. Or they'll ask them to keep calling back next week, only to tell them each time, “Try us in another week.” Just thinking about these time wasters, I used to get perturbed, not only because of how much time and money they cost my estimators back in the day, but because I now think indecision is not just a cowardly trait of human beings. Truthfully, most of these people just don’t have the money reserved to commit to the repair. Why not offer them a financing option?

Group #4 is the easy ones you should want. Vehicle owners who are predisposed to commit to you. If you can solve their dilemma. Not enough cash or credit. Just offer your customers “in-house” loans to allow them to pay their deductibles. Get started on the a new fast-track to generate more sales and easily get paid profitable labor rates. Roll the increased labor rates and C.F.S. 6% charge into their deductible loan. They will be glad to pay it. Register your shop today at: www.collisionfinancialservices.com