A Selling Process. It NEVER Fails!


David Sandler said, “If you don't have a system for selling,
then you're at the mercy of the customer's system for

I agree with that quote. For many
reasons. You have to use a system. You MUST.
Still just “winging it”? Hoping for the best?
Sales are too much a science to continue that.
Now don't get me wrong,you don't want to go and
use scripts that turn your estimator into a robot,
but you must use a disciplined, systematic process.

Including ‘in-house” repair and deductible financing
through Collision Financial Services can be a highly
successful tactic to get customers to buy from you.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times:
Estimators must never "sell." Their job is to get people to
BUY - meaning customers wanted to buy from you and no
coercion and/or manipulation - commonly called
"selling" - was necessary. No one likes to be “Sold”.
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