Yes, You are Right!

So you’re right.
According to Henry Ford.
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”
-Henry Ford

Take a close, personal look at why you’re getting the results you’re getting in estimate sales ratios.

Here is a example of a “impossible” that has been done:
The 4-Minute Mile
Running a one-mile run in less than 4 minutes, was thought to be impossible. Athletes tried it time and again. They all failed.
However, one day in 1954, Roger Bannister did it. Funny, suddenly so did other runners.
Once the “impossible” was done, the limitations that people set up in their own minds was gone, and suddenly anyone could do it.
Isn’t it strange how the mind works?
Plenty of bodyshops think it is “impossible” to make 80%+ sales ratios.
Henry Ford
Henry Ford started his automotive career as a just simple machinist, he worked alongside other machinists, most of whom were smarter and had more intellect than Ford had.
However, he eventually made hundreds of millions of dollars and in his day, became the richest man in the world, because he didn’t believe it was “impossible” to do so.
And, his fellow machinists worked as machinists for life, because of the word “impossible” in their minds.
Sales Success
Many bodyshops, like Ford’s co-workers, never rise to great heights of sales success and in fact, are struggling monthly to make ends meet, writing estimates day after day, convinced that success is all about “luck” or “chance.”
Anything better they think is “impossible.” They’re too close minded to understand the simple truth. That anyone can improve collision center sales!
In fact, small business owners across the nation have registered their shops @ Collision Financial Services, started financing collision repairs, deductibles and insurance short-pays. They know that it’s not “impossible” to achieve huge sales success.
I’m willing to bet they’d tell you it’s easy.
So do this right now: If you’re not doing “in-house loans”, ask yourself why not? Is it because you’re letting self-limiting thoughts of what’s “impossible” hold you back?