Change Estimator Sales Activities To Get More Sales

I've said many times that, you're paid ONLY for creating repair orders and completing sales. You're not paid for writing estimates. The ONLY thing you get paid a commission for is a completed sale.

But far too many estimators, and especially managers, don't seem to understand this. Don’t believe the myth that "X number of sales equals X number of estimates and X percentage of estimates turns into a sale and each sale is worth X, then each each puts X dollars in your pocket!"
Of course that old line is a lie and a sham, because if it were true, more collision centers would pay estimators per estimate, not per completed sale!
The truth is that all matters is that you bring in completed sales. That's why we have sales quotas. Only the dumbest and most mismanaged of companies have activity quotas or estimators on salary. Sadly, some actually do.
To Get More Sales, Forget About Sales Results
The best players in baseball, always practice on the fundamentals. Most estimators just swing for the home run. They don't focus on the fundamentals.
That's also why most estimators fail.
The truth of the matter is that, unless you're The Godfather, you can't force people to buy. All you can do is take them through a natural, logical sales process that induces them to buy. Including “in-house” financing options will increase your completed sales
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