Guaranteed Line Of Credit - Your borrowing capacity will be in the amount of your deductible* the referring Authorized CFS Collision Repair deems extending to you up to 100% of your deductible. (*C.F.S. Recommendation: Collision shops should collect a cash paid deposit of 35% on any loaned amount)

Zero Interest Affordable Payments - The types of payments available to you are determined by the collision center, the amount of loan and re-payment terms of 6 or 12 months

No Pre-Payment Penalties - You can always double payments or pay off your CFS account early, with no additional interest or other penalties incurred. 

Up to 12 Months Re-Payments Plans - Your CFS Collision shop will work with you to determine your payment plan.

Easy Enrollment You will not be subject to a formal credit check. The CFS Collision Shop has chosen to extend you credit. For most people, if you have a source of income, you qualify!